Ajágęęrę Èjìòkú: Dance as Self Assurance in Human Social Formation

Adewale Oyewo


This paper aims to reinforce the benefits of
dance in human social formation. It argues
that natural recreation (dance) has helped
man to overcome inhibitions and
dangerous situations in his environment.
The study therefore argues that dance is a
crucial element in human culture, and a
builder of confidence. The paper from a
pragmatic point of view uses the folkloric
allegory of Ajágèère Èjìòkú (a prolific
dancer of Èjìòkú-Ibadan) in ascertaining
dance as a panacea for survival.
Conclusively, it proposes to look at dance
in relation to human culture emphasizing
the interrelatedness of dance and music;
dance as social inclusion, dance as a
healthy attitude and dance as idiom of
statement making in a society. Data for the
paper comprises of primary sources such
as oral evidence, archival materials, and
secondary sources like books, journal
articles and other documentary materials

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