Elizabeth Amarukhor Omoruyi


This current issue of Ede: Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences contains four well-researched articles and one short story. The papers are drawn from different academic discipline. They speak to human social challenges as well as contribute to discussions in the society. The first article in this issue written by Stephen Eyeh, looks at D.H. Lawrence’s poem “Snake” in relation to the representation of the reptile within different African societies. Eyeh argues that in African societies, snakes are reverenced not only in their present state, but in the mythological state as well. Oluwakemi Emmanuel-Olowonubi and Confidence Daniel look at the importance of individual choices in spousal selection in Africa through their analysis of Olu’Dolapo’s play Omolewa. They argue that though it is important for women to consider the regeneration of the society through giving birth, they should not be pressured into marriage against their will. The duo rely on the theory of Stiwanism developed by Molara Ogundipe-Leslie in order to arrive at their conclusion. Abidemi Adebayo interrogates the concept of extreme feminism stance as championed by married women in three Yoruba language Nigerian video films. In the article, Adebayo argues that adherence to some aspects of culture and tradition by wives is necessary in order to have a peaceful home. Bode Ojoniyi takes a polemical look at the concept of Africanisation of Christianity by Africans. He argues that Christianity is a culture in itself and must not be adulterated by any other culture different from that instituted by Jesus Christ and the early Apostles. Bunmi Oyeyemi Julius-Adeoye’s short story addresses the state of decadence in African religious space. It questions people’s overt dependence on those who are quick to proclaim themselves religious leaders and founders of spiritual sects. Her story centres on the self-proclaimed Most Holy Evangelist Prophet, Dr Alfred Tanimola, Pastor of the Divine Provision International Churches Inc., whose dastardly acts destroy the peace of the community. It is my belief that you will find every article and the short story in this issue valuable and of great interest.

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