An Eye for an Eye

Bunmi Oyeyemi (Obasa) Julius-Adeoye


When he came to the village of Iwalewa with the Good News, the people heaved a sigh of relief for “he took away their infirmities”, and they concluded, “this man is God sent.” Most Holy Evangelist Prophet, Dr Alfred Tanimola, Pastor of the Divine Provision International Churches Inc., started the church in Iwalewa with a crusade which he mounted single- handedly. There and then, about fifty people with peculiar ailments which had defied both orthodox and traditional medical cure, got healed. The next Sunday people flooded his church. “Jesus is the only route to your happiness”, Dr Tanimola cried several Sundays after. “He is the only one you should worship. All other gods are man-made and cannot help you. You must therefore discard them, throw them away, burn them and see the miracle of God in your life.” With this, the man of God made an altar call for people suffering from diverse kinds of diseases. Again, the power of God was displayed as people were healed instantly when he laid his left hand on their foreheads.

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